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Privacy Articles and Presentations by Jay Cline

Computerworld Articles

  IAPP Publications

Other Articles and Presentations

  Privacy in the Street Podcasts


Computerworld Articles
Sept 2011 Jay Cline:  Are medical-data breaches overreported? HTML PDF
May 2011 iPhone location-tracking incident boosts stock of 'privacy by design'  HTML PDF
Feb 2011 Survey: The best privacy advisers of 2010 HTML PDF
Sept 2010 Zoomerang vs. SurveyMonkey: Who has the better privacy? HTML PDF
Aug 2010 Privacy software:  Who are the early leaders? HTML PDF
May 2010 Facebook vs. LinkedIn: Which has the better privacy? HTML PDF
Feb 2010 The top 5 mistakes of privacy awareness programs HTML PDF
Nov 2009 Opinion: Will the smart grid protect consumer privacy? HTML PDF
Nov 2009 Privacy matters: When is persona data truly de-deidentified? HTML PDF
June 2009 You say 'shameful secret,' I say 'privacy' HTML PDF
Apr 2009 Privacy-information services: The free, the cheap and the pricey HTML PDF
Mar 2009 What's behind the rash of university data breaches? HTML PDF
Jan 2009 Advice to the next Homeland Security CPO HTML PDF
Dec 2008 Best Privacy Advisers 2008  HTML PDF
Oct 2008 What trumps privacy?  HTML PDF
Sept 2008 530M records exposed, and counting  HTML PDF
July 2008 What's behind the rash of employee cybersnooping?  HTML PDF
June 2008 Top 5 mistakes of privacy awareness programs  HTML PDF
May 2008 Benefits of personal health records will eclipse privacy concerns  HTML PDF
Apr 2008 Planning a company social network? Don't forget privacy issues  HTML PDF
Jan 2008 8 Growing Risks of Employee Home Offices  HTML PDF
Dec 2007 Mind the GAAP: Accountants bring GAAP-like principles to the privacy sphere HTML PDF
Oct 2007 The best privacy advisers in 2007  HTML PDF
July 2007 Who are your riskiest vendors? HTML PDF
June 2007 Data Governance Will Eclipse CIO Role HTML PDF
May 2007 Will Privacy Fears Stifle New Medical Frontiers? HTML PDF
Apr 2007 Eight Privacy Firms to Watch HTML PDF
Mar 2007 Growing pressure for data classification HTML PDF
Jan 2007 It's Time to Forge Global Privacy Rules HTML PDF
Jan 2007 Are Privacy Notices Worthless? HTML PDF
Dec 2006 Lifetouch Gets It Right on Kids' Privacy HTML PDF
Nov 2006 It's Time for a Global Privacy Agreement HTML PDF
Oct 2006 Time to Update Your Employee Monitoring Policy? HTML PDF
July 2006 What are you doing about two-factor authentication? HTML PDF
June 2006 Why isn't Europe suffering a wave of security breaches? HTML PDF
May 2006 Top Privacy Developments for Global Corporations HTML PDF
Apr 2006 Are your data exports from Europe legal? HTML PDF
Mar 2006 The best privacy consultancies HTML PDF
Jan 2006 Next on your agenda: Genetic privacy HTML PDF
Nov 2005 So you want to be a privacy pro? HTML PDF
Oct 2005 What's your company's privacy strategy? HTML PDF
Aug 2005 Lessons learned from corporate security breaches HTML PDF
June 2005 Security breaches challenge academia's 'open society' HTML PDF
May 2005 Global CRM Requires Different Privacy Approaches HTML PDF
Apr 2005 Safest Places on the Web HTML PDF
Feb 2005 US Should Welcome EU Drive for Short Privacy Notices HTML PDF
Dec 2004 Children's Privacy Requires Special Handling HTML PDF
Oct 2004 Candidates Missing Privacy Concerns of Independent Voters HTML PDF
Sept 2004 Cell Phone Directory Rings True  HTML PDF
June 2004 Biometrics Bandwagon Outpacing Privacy Safeguards HTML PDF
Apr 2004 How to Build Privacy Into Customer Authentication HTML PDF
Apr 2004 Is Offshoring a Threat to Privacy? HTML PDF
Mar 2004 The RFID Privacy Scare Is Overblown  HTML PDF
Jan 2004 Get Ready for the U.S. National ID Card HTML PDF
Dec 2003 Will ID Theft Be the Christmas Grinch? HTML PDF
Nov 2003 RFID privacy scare overblown HTML PDF
Oct 2003 US leads in online privacy disclosure HTML PDF
Sept 2003 Still no terrorism toll on privacy HTML PDF
June 2003 Does Privacy Pay? HTML PDF
June 2003 ROI of privacy seals HTML PDF
May 2003 Web site privacy seals: are they worth it? HTML PDF
Apr 2003 Third-party security: who can you trust? HTML PDF
Feb 2003 Safe Harbor: A Success HTML PDF
Feb 2003 FTC article citation HTML PDF
Jan 2003 Privacy Innovators HTML PDF
Dec 2002 Coping with Europe's data blockade HTML PDF
Nov 2002 Privacy AWOL in 2002 elections HTML PDF
Oct 2002 Surprise: You're in the privacy headlines HTML PDF
Sept 2002 Opt-in' will win the privacy wars HTML PDF
Aug 2002 Wanted: Global rating system for security HTML PDF
July 2002 U.S. privacy model to prevail globally HTML PDF
June 2002 Personal data access: Not easily done HTML PDF
May 2002 A Long Road to Short Privacy Statements HTML PDF
Apr 2002 No Terrorism Toll on Privacy -- Yet HTML PDF
IAPP Publications
Oct 2011 ASU:  A Privacy by Design hotbed HTML PDF
Sept 2011 INSIDE 1to1 Privacy:  Privacy by Design primer for marketing pros HTML PDF
Aug 2011 Inching toward consensus:  A roundup of U.S. privacy legislation HTML PDF
July 2011 2011 Privacy Professional's Role, Function and Salary Survey HTML  
July 2011 INSIDE 1to1 Privacy:  New wave of privacy regulation and enforcement HTML PDF
June 2011 Broadening definitions of personal data portened greater scope of concern for privacy offices HTML PDF
Oct 2010 INSIDE 1to1 Privacy:  GMAC: Navigating EU approval for advanced biometrics HTML PDF
Sept 2010 Xcel Energy:  Building privacy in to the smart grid HTML PDF
May 2010 Creating a privacy gameplan for your social media strategy PDF
Apr 2010 2010 Privacy Professional's Role, Function and Salary Survey HTML  
Apr 2010 A Call For Agility:  The Next-Generation Privacy Professional   PDF
Aug 2009 Opt In Or Opt Out For Global Direct Marketing? HTML PDF
Apr 2009 INSIDE tto1 Privacy: Surveillance of Public Spaces: A Privacy Issue? HTML PDF
Mar 2009 INSIDE 1to1 Privacy: Growing Use of Background Checks and DNA Databases Raises Policy Questions HTML PDF
Sept 2008 IAPP Academy: Best Clauses in Fortune 500 Privacy Policies    
Sept 2008 IAPP Academy: Top 50 Privacy Metrics    
Sept 2008 INSIDE 1to1 Privacy: Photo Tagging Portends New Frontier for Privacy Pros HTML PDF
Sept 2008 A CPO Wishlist for EU Privacy Reform   PDF
June 2008 INSIDE 1to1 Privacy: How Close Are We to Ubiquitous Digitization of Our Lives? HTML PDF
May 2008 INSIDE 1to1 Privacy: Chevron: Promoting Privacy as a Matter of Ethics HTML PDF
May 2008 INSIDE 1to1 Privacy: Best Buy: Using Privacy Awareness to Build Customer Centricity HTML PDF
Apr 2008 INSIDE 1to1 Privacy: Open Letter to the World: Don't Copy our Security-Breach Notification Model HTML PDF
Feb 2008 INSIDE 1to1 Privacy: Countrywide: Higher Sales Via Privacy Choice Management HTML PDF
Jan 2008 INSIDE 1to1 Privacy: IBM's Privacy Strategy: Trust Enables Innovation HTML PDF
Dec 2007 INSIDE 1to1 Privacy: Procter & Gamble Builds Trust in E-Commerce HTML PDF
Oct 2007 INSIDE 1to1 Privacy: Facebook: Managing Youth Privacy and Trust HTML PDF
July 2007 INSIDE 1to1 Privacy: 340 People, 3 Strategies, 1 Privacy Vision HTML PDF
June 2007 INSIDE 1to1 Privacy: How GE Coordinates a Large Privacy Team  HTML PDF
May 2007 INSIDE 1to1 Privacy: For CPOs and Their Firms, Good Will + Competence = Trust HTML PDF
Apr 2007 INSIDE 1to1 Privacy: Comparing Coffee Shop Privacy  HTML PDF
Mar 2007 INSIDE 1to1 Privacy: E-Loan: Maintaining High Privacy Ratings  HTML PDF
Feb 2007 INSIDE 1to1 Privacy: Fair Isaac's myFico.com: Case Study of Privacy Transparency  HTML PDF
Jan 2007 INSIDE 1to1 Privacy: Kodak Snapshot - Data Classification and Privacy HTML PDF
May 2006 2006 Information Security Executive of the Year Award Nominee    
Mar 2006 IAPP 2006 Summit: Getting to Yes! Consumer Consent and Preference Management   PDF
Mar 2006 IAPP 2006 Summit: Barbara Wellbery Award - Roadmap for an International Safe Harbor HTML PDF
Oct 2005 IAPP 2005 Academy: Verifying Identity While Respecting Privacy    
June 2005 IAPP Webcast: ID Theft - The Human Factor    
Mar 2005 IAPP 2005 Summit: Engaging, Educating and Empowering Consumers - Delivery Value Through Privacy    
Other Articles and Presentations
Sept 2011 WCCO-TV reporter Jason DeRush interviews Jay in the station’s op center about the federal government’s data-collection capabilities HTML
May 2010 Cloud Commons, three steps toward privacy in the cloud (by Shai Samet with comments from Cline)   PDF
July 2009 How To Secure Customer Credit Card Data   PDF
July 2009 Small businesses could be whacked over ID breaches  HTML PDF
May 2009 Sacramento small firms told of risk if credit-card data are stolen (Cline quoted) HTML PDF
Mar 2009 Jay Cline quoted in "Privacy By Design Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Ph.D."  HTML  
Jan 2009 INSIDE 1to1 Privacy: Ubiquitous Identification Series: Will other countries join the Canadian debate over the privacy of public records? HTML PDF
Dec 2008 Minnesota Government IT Symposium presentation - "Measuring Your Department's Privacy Maturity", 18 Dec 08    
Dec 2008 Future Tense:  Yahoo boosts user privacy; Google takes a privacy hit (Interview on National Public Radio)    
Nov 2008 Privacy Metrics -- Twin Cities Privacy Network at Ameriprise, 21 Nov 08 HTML PDF
Nov 2008 Don't Let Privacy Sneak Up On You -- What Every Corporate Counsel Should Know -- Hennepin County Bar Association, 20 Nov 08    
Nov 2008 MN ISACA: Privacy Risks for Final Audit Reports    
Oct 2008 The New York State Consumer Protection Board's Business Privacy Guide cites "530M Records Exposed, and Counting" HTML PDF
Oct 2006 MN Computer Law Institute: Your Practical Privacy Primer - Liability Hotspots and Solutions    
Oct 2006 Retail Data Security Forum: A Retail Perspective: Prioritizing Enterprise Security Risks and Partner Vulnerabilities    
Sept 2006 ACI: Creating an Internal Framework for Breach Prevention    
June 2006 IQPC: Creating a Privacy Incident Response Team    
June 2006 ABA SciTech Lawyer: Top 5 Unanswered Privacy Questions for Lawyers HTML  
May 2006 Secure360: Assessing Your Company’s Compliance with International Privacy Laws    
Feb 2006 CSO Magazine: Five Things Every CSO Needs to Know About the Chief Privacy Officer (as interviewed by Sarah Scalet)    
Feb 2006 IPPC: Joining the US-EU Safe Harbor Program    
Nov 2005 MN ISSA: Security Breach Notification    
Nov 2005 Retail Data Security Forum: Analyze and Ensure the Security of Vendors and Business Partners    
June 2005 Books24x7.com: Privacy: From Policy Development to Employee Awareness    
Privacy in the Street Podcasts
Nov 2011 While taking a Seattle's Best coffee in the rainy city, Jay reflects on how the locally based Amazon.com may shift the center of privacy gravity northward from Silicon Valley.
Nov 2011 Jay quizzes the receptionist at the urgent care clinic why she needed his driver's license, and she shows some ID theft red flags moxy.
Oct 2011 After a privacy conference in San Diego, Jay muses that it's cloud compliance and not cloud security that's the issue.
Sep 2011 At a privacy conference in Dallas, Jay identifies a golden rule of PII sharing in professional conversations.

Jay becomes an unwitting participant in a hotel security breach when the front desk authenticates him to someone else’s room.


Jay counts the number of guest folio checkouts that were exposed at his Salt Lake City hotel and questions the business need to leave them sticking outside room doors.


Jay reports from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City on the central question raised by the library’s storage of personal data on 3 billion people.

Aug-11 Jay reports from the financial district in San Francisco on the implications of the ability of smartphones to identify people in their scope of vision.
June-11 At a Baltimore-area hotel, Jay spots a way to exploit weak authentication to gain access to guest rooms.
June-11 Jay visits the urgent-care clinic and finds three ways they do privacy better than any other industry.
May-11 Jay reads the privacy reference in the majority opinion in Roe v Wade while standing in front of the nations newest abortion facility.
May-11 Jay reports from the capitol building of Minnesota during the marriage-amendment debate and questions whether sexual orientation should still be classified as sensitive personal data.
May-11 While reclining on his deck, Jay discovers an industry that has flown below the privacy radar:  primary- and secondary-school tuition assistance.
May-11 Reflecting on an intrusive form presented to him in the delivery room of his stillborn daughter, Jay resolves to put things right.
May-11 After realizing the Minnesota Department of Health is still storing his children's DNA, Jay notices a glitch in the opt-out process.
May-11 While reading the morning paper on the front porch, Jay notices a model policy for monitoring employee access to VIP records in place at a local healthcare provider in the headlines.
May-11 While reading the morning paper at the breakfast table, Jay thinks the box of medical records that Fairview Medical Center could not locate did not pose a signicant risk of harm.
Apr-11 Sitting in a college library, Jay reflects on FERPA and the state of student privacy.
Apr-11 After a visit to a public library, Jay concludes that law enforcement has the edge over patron privacy and their freedom of inquiry.
Apr-11 After passing through the city that issued his family a stillbirth certificate, Jay concludes the concept of identity is not as fixed as he once thought.
Apr-11 Jay discovers an example of privacy by design at an Irish dance feis in downtown Milwaukee that may have mitigated two risks to the children.
Apr-11 Reporting from the union-busting capital of Wisconsin, Jay questions whether trade-union membership still qualifies as sensitive personal data.
Mar-11 After a jog along a ridge near Novato, California, Jay puts his finger on why that state has the most privacy regulations.
Mar-11 Standing in front of a man living in a glass box at Mall of America, Jay feels less human and questions whether consent alone is a sufficient basis for privacy policies.
Mar-11 Jay finds one set of electronic footprints on a dirt road in a remote part of northern Wisconsin in his ongoing quest for the meaning of privacy.
Mar 2011  After taking a beer in Indianapolis, Jay stumbles across three jobs in society that serve the common good because of a shared expectation of anonymity. 
Mar-11 At an accident scene, Jay identifies human charity and minimum use as the two principles that should prevail among the people involved.
Mar-11 While reading the newspaper at the breakfast table, Jay agrees with Senator Klobuchar that child abductors should lose their privacy interests.
Mar-11 Jay recaps the three highlights from the 6th annual Privacy Retreat, just from beyond the smoker's corner outside Travelers Conference Center.
Mar-11 Jay reports from Dayton, Ohio that small-town people have no expectation of privacy only as big-city people define it.
Feb-11 Jay pauses during a lunch break at ground zero of the culture wars to look for the privacy footprints.
Jan-11 Jay reports from Mormon global headquarters on why others besides the EU should consider religious affiliation to be a sensitive data category.
Jan 2011  Jay speculates on the connection between privacy and freedom outside a cafe in the state whose motto is Live Free or Die.
Jan-11 While passing through Boston, Jay sees two different levels of privacy exposure in the retail establishments on highway 1A.
Jan-11 Jay finally gets a patdown in Logan International airport, but struggled to keep from laughing from all the tickling.
Dec-10 From a church inside the Loop Jay speculates on why privacy in the confessional trumps all social goods.
Dec-10 From the back of a Chicago cab Jay sees a billboard that reminds him that open adoptions are bad for privacy. 
Nov-10 Jay reports from a low-income district in Chicago on where privacy fits in Maslow's hierarchy of needs.
Nov-10 Jay cases out the privacy hotspots of a DoubleTree Hotel where he has a business appointment.
Nov-10 Jay decides not to sign in as his neighbors at the polling place, and notices another privacy issue with the voting process.
Oct-10 Patrons of a bar at a gun club have a disagreement about whether the government should know how many guns they have.
Oct-10 Jay ponders the risks of genealogy websites and theft of children's identities while pausing at a Minneapolis graveyard.
Sep-10 Jay uses the gogoinflight service on a flight to Baltimore and wonders if the people in first class are encrypting their e-mail too.
Sep-10 Jay takes a moment in Raleigh-Durham International Airport to reflect on the extensive information people reveal to strangers on airplanes.
Sep-10 Jay reports from the insurance capital of America on whether we should be concerned about insurers perusing Facebook to underwrite our policies.
Sep-10 Jay asks a FedEx Kinkos desk attendant how they will protect his print order.
Sep-10 Jay interrogates a Blockbuster desk attendant on the Video Privacy Act.
Sep-10 Jay asks the Barnes & Noble desk attendant if they are tracking his purchases of intel publications.
Aug-10 Jay talks about privacy concerns in regards to body scans at Dulles International Airport.
Aug-10 Jay ponders the implications of street cameras posted above Interstate 494 in Minneapolis.
Aug-10 Jay finds a common, bur risky error in a privacy notice on a Biaggi's loyalty sign-up form.
Aug-10 Jay kicks off the Privacy in the Street series and explains what the point is.
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